Inside Out: Changing the World with One Portrait at a Time

JR is a street artist from France. His mission is to create a global art project called Inside Out. He has been all over the world taking photos of people in their communities, enlarging them, and posting them as billboards.


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Who Are the Great Classical Composers of Today?

Occasionally, I hear classical music lovers making the criticism that there aren’t any great contemporary composers of symphonic music.  These astute music lovers seem to be listening with an exclusionary bias.  If Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart were alive today… I’d wager, they’d be doing the same thing as the composers of today.  They’d be composing  scores for Continue reading

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Anna Mae – Larry Long – In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, “Songs for Leonard Peltier”

A song by Larry Long… “a true American troubadour”

A quarter century ago (damn… that sounds old) I was hosting a folk music venue in an area they call Chippewa Valley of Northern Wisconsin.   One night I hosted a concert for Larry Long, an artist I only knew by reputation.  At the time, he made his way as an itinerant folk singer and activist.  He was a guiding spirit in a movement to clean-up the Northern Mississippi Continue reading

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Artistic Life Studios ~ Larry Capra aka zenabowli ~ Sample Portfolio

This is my first entry as a Stumbler in exile.  I decided to take the opportunity of exporting my StumbleUpon blog to WordPress.  I did check out tumblr and catagorian like so many recommended.   I may use those apps in the future.  But, opted to move SU here.

I find that there are some interesting tools to use here.  In the long run. What I’ll miss most about SU is all the wonderful sites created by other stumblers.  All of those videos, paintings, photos and original poems.  I’m sure we’ll be finding our favorite people somewhere.

Anyway, I’d like to share one of my favorite tricks here at  WordPress.  Making galleries and slide shows.

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“young people out speaking their minds” — Bravo to those who are standing up to the hypocrisy of CORPORATE ROYALTY.

We live in an ownership society. We have young people working for sweat shop wages. It’s no longer a LEFT/RIGHT issue… it’s more like UP/DOWN.   The United States is having an identity crises because we DO NOT  have an identifiable national purpose.  “We can share a common destiny, OR share the consequences of an undesirable fate.”

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